July 07, 2009

Blog URL Changed

Thank you for reading, the weblog has moved to developer.cybozu.co.jp/kazuho/in_english.

April 24, 2009

Running a Realtime Stats Service on MySQL (my slides at Percona Performance Conference)

Today at Percona Performance Conference, I did my presentation on the optimizations / tweaks that I developed for running Pathtraq, one of Japan's largest web stats service. Thank you to people who listened, I hope you enjoyed my talk. And thank you to the people at Percona. I have uploaded my slides to Slideshare. So for more information, please refer to them.

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April 23, 2009

Q4M Presentation Slides at MySQL Conference

Today at MySQL Conference & Expro 2009, I did a presentation introducing / explaining Q4M. Thank you to people who came to listen.

The presentation slides I used can be found on slideshare (slideshare).

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April 22, 2009

Q4M (and Pathtraq) at MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

At MySQL Conference & Expo 2009, I will be giving a presentation on Q4M tomorrow (Apr. 22) from 11:55am. If you are interested in using a simple, fast message queue as part of your system, please come to the session.

Details: Using Q4M: A Message Queue Storage Engine for MySQL

On the next day (Apr. 23), I will be doing another presentation at Percona Performance Conference, held at the same location. In the presentation, I will describe the techniques (mainly MySQL UDFs) used to squeeze maximum performance out from MySQL used in Pathtraq, one of the largest web access stats service in Japan.

Details: Running a Realtime Stats Service on MySQL (from 6:10pm)

I am looking forward to seeing you in the sessions.

April 16, 2009

Q4M 0.8.5 released

Q4M 0.8.5 is now downloadable from q4m.31tools.com. Prebuilt binaries for MySQL 5.1.33 running on linux (i386 or x86_64) and Mac OS X 10.5 (x86) are available as well.

There are no bugfixes in this release. The only change from version 0.8.4 is bundle of boost header files necessary for building Q4M. The build process no more requires separate installation of the Boost C++ libraries.