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C - 0.04

Version 0.04 of the C - a pseudo-interpreter of the C programming language, has been released.

Download: tgz / RPM

Install the RPM, or manually install the tarball by configure && make && make install.

In version 0.04, a compile cache has been implemented, speeding up the execution of often-used scripts / oneliners. Also, the interpreter has now been rewritten in C. With these improvements, not only CPU-intensive tasks but even the most simple scripts such as hello-world runs faster than perl when executed by the pseudo-interpreter... well, from the second time, acutally :-p

Main Features of C-0.04 are:

+ supports for ANSI C / C++ (runs as a wrapper of GCC)
+ native-code execution speed
+ compile cache
+ support for debugging (calls GDB)

For the newest information of the C interpreter, see C Archives.

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