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February 03, 2006


Version 0.05 of the C - a pseudo-interpreter of the C programming language, has been released.

Download: tgz / RPM

Install the RPM, or manually install the tarball by configure && make && make install.

C-0.05 is a minor version up from 0.04, including following features:

1. support for special filename (-) and parameter termination parameter (--)

The interpreter now can pass arguments to the scripts given throught standard input by using the special filename '-'. You can copy&paste source codes from the Internet and execute them with parameters given.

2. support for TMPDIR environment variable

The interpreter now uses TMPDIR, if given, for storing temporary and cached files.

3. eliminate the use of MAXPATHLEN

The interpreter now supports variable length path length (like hurd).

For the newest information of the C interpreter, see C Archives.