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Presentation Slides of Japanize, Mylingual, Pathtraq

This afternoon, famous bloggers of the United States came to our office as part of their trip to Japan (Lunarr founder invites famous US-bloggers to Japan | Asiajin).

Can anybody miss such a good chance to demonstrate your web services to people like, Tom Foremski (Sillicon Valley Watcher), Marshall Kirkpatrick (Read/Write Web), Kristen Nicole (Mashable), Bob Walsh (47 Hats). Well, certainly I couldn't, and did a short presentation of mine.

The services I introduced are:

  • Japanize - an end-user-based localization service (to Japanese) for web services
  • Mylingual - internationalized version of Japanize
  • Pathtraq - a realtime search engine, content recommendation service based on an alexa-like technology

The slides I used can be found here, and here.

Since it was a jump-in presentation (thank you to all the attendees for letting me do so), the Japanize / Mylingual slides are bit outdated (there are about 40,000 users today). Also they might be too oriented to the technical details (since they were originally written for YAPC), but I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Thank you for coming to the bloggers, have a nice stay in Japan!

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