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Memo: Binary Logging of MySQL from the viewpoint of storage engine

  • two formats: statement-based and row-based
    • can be mixed
    • 5.1 supports both
  • statent-based logs record UPDATE,INSERT,DELETE queries
  • row-based logs store internal buffers passed to `handler' class
  • storage engines may declare HA_HAS_OWN_BINLOGGING and write to binlog directly
    • however, it becomes impossible to log multitable updates
    • what happens if the storage engine supports transaction?
  • handling of auto_increment
    • when using statement-based logs, lock for auto_increment value should be held until a query completes
    • when using row-based logs, an auto_increment column can be updated and stored to log one row by row by directly updating ``uchar record[]''

For myself, since Q4M has a hidden rowid, it seems that declaring HA_HAS_OWN_BINLOGGING is the way to go.

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