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Greasemetal - the next step

Thank you to all, the release of Greasemetal seems to have been successful. Looking at the responses, I plan to do the following in the next release:

  • eliminate generation of unnecessary log files and error messages (as much as possible)
  • add management UI for userscripts
  • add some kind of error logging for debugging userscripts

I hope I can release it soon.

Sep 12 5:12pm: We plan to add support for most GM_* functions, if not all of them (it might not be in the next release, though).


Hello, your project is really cool. Thank you!

Hi Kazuho!
Great work with Greasemetal!
Do you plan on getting the Greasemonkey JS functions (GM*) to work? That would be wonderful! Most scripts use one or more of these functions.
Anyways, well done!

I wanna pass command line arguments to Chrome.
Please examine..
Thank you.

Thank you all for your comments.

zoopzoop: My colleague has started working on the issue, so yes, there will be support for GM_* functions.

a: It will be supported in the next release.

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