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Q4M becomes part of FreeBSD Ports Collection

Thanks to Akinori MUSHA, Q4M has become part of the FreeBSD Ports Collection.

If you are using FreeBSD, Q4M can be installed by following the steps below.

# cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql-q4m
# make install
# echo 'mysql_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf
# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server start
# mysql -u root -f mysql < work/q4m-0.8.3/support-files/install.sql

Running either cvsup or portsnap might be necessary to update the installed ports collection to the newest state. Since the port depends on mysql51-server, you should make deinstall if an older version of mysql is already installed via the ports collection. If you want to test the installation, type:

# chmod 755 work/q4m-0.8.3/support-files/q4m-forward
# make test

The chmod seems to be necessary due to the fact that the install script for non-executable files of the ports collection drops the execution bits. Since there is no particular reason for keeping q4m-forward in the support-files directory, I plan to move it to somewhere else in the next release of Q4M.

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