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October 29, 2008

Benchmarking SSD for MySQL

Today I bought Intel X25-M, to test its performance and consider if we could replace a HDD used in our slave database of Pathtraq with a solid state disk. Connecting the drive to a test server, I have just run a synthetic benchmark to check its performance for 16KB random access with O_DIRECT flag set, which is pretty similar to the access pattern we see in our daily InnoDB use.

16KB Random Access
HDD (Maxtor 7L250S0) SSD (Intel X25-M) Ratio
Read (MB/sec) 2.64 38.0 1440%
Write (MB/sec) 12.0 46.4 385%
Write (MB/sec, hdparm -W 0) 1.91 11.2 585%

Looks very promising. I will post further results as I continue my benchmarks.

PS. For the test, I wrote randombench.cc (requires this wrapper to run), and ran it with options -b 16 -c 1 -f 102400 -l 1000.

PS2. I have also checked by opening the disk as a raw device with -c 4 to check if performance increases under higher concurrency (due to NCQ, etc.), but there were no improvements at least on our system. (unfortunately we did not have XFS installed)

October 23, 2008

Q4M prebuilt binaries for MySQL 5.1.28-rc

I have uploaded prebuilt binaries of Q4M for MySQL 5.1.28-rc to http://q4m.31tools.com/dist/. For installation instructions, please refer to http://q4m.31tools.com/install.php.