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Benchmarking SSD for MySQL

Today I bought Intel X25-M, to test its performance and consider if we could replace a HDD used in our slave database of Pathtraq with a solid state disk. Connecting the drive to a test server, I have just run a synthetic benchmark to check its performance for 16KB random access with O_DIRECT flag set, which is pretty similar to the access pattern we see in our daily InnoDB use.

16KB Random Access
HDD (Maxtor 7L250S0) SSD (Intel X25-M) Ratio
Read (MB/sec) 2.64 38.0 1440%
Write (MB/sec) 12.0 46.4 385%
Write (MB/sec, hdparm -W 0) 1.91 11.2 585%

Looks very promising. I will post further results as I continue my benchmarks.

PS. For the test, I wrote randombench.cc (requires this wrapper to run), and ran it with options -b 16 -c 1 -f 102400 -l 1000.

PS2. I have also checked by opening the disk as a raw device with -c 4 to check if performance increases under higher concurrency (due to NCQ, etc.), but there were no improvements at least on our system. (unfortunately we did not have XFS installed)

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