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Q4M (and Pathtraq) at MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

At MySQL Conference & Expo 2009, I will be giving a presentation on Q4M tomorrow (Apr. 22) from 11:55am. If you are interested in using a simple, fast message queue as part of your system, please come to the session.

Details: Using Q4M: A Message Queue Storage Engine for MySQL

On the next day (Apr. 23), I will be doing another presentation at Percona Performance Conference, held at the same location. In the presentation, I will describe the techniques (mainly MySQL UDFs) used to squeeze maximum performance out from MySQL used in Pathtraq, one of the largest web access stats service in Japan.

Details: Running a Realtime Stats Service on MySQL (from 6:10pm)

I am looking forward to seeing you in the sessions.

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