July 07, 2009

Blog URL Changed

Thank you for reading, the weblog has moved to

May 29, 2008

Presentation Slides of Japanize, Mylingual, Pathtraq

This afternoon, famous bloggers of the United States came to our office as part of their trip to Japan (Lunarr founder invites famous US-bloggers to Japan | Asiajin).

Can anybody miss such a good chance to demonstrate your web services to people like, Tom Foremski (Sillicon Valley Watcher), Marshall Kirkpatrick (Read/Write Web), Kristen Nicole (Mashable), Bob Walsh (47 Hats). Well, certainly I couldn't, and did a short presentation of mine.

The services I introduced are:

  • Japanize - an end-user-based localization service (to Japanese) for web services
  • Mylingual - internationalized version of Japanize
  • Pathtraq - a realtime search engine, content recommendation service based on an alexa-like technology

The slides I used can be found here, and here.

Since it was a jump-in presentation (thank you to all the attendees for letting me do so), the Japanize / Mylingual slides are bit outdated (there are about 40,000 users today). Also they might be too oriented to the technical details (since they were originally written for YAPC), but I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Thank you for coming to the bloggers, have a nice stay in Japan!

September 13, 2005


Hello to whom reading this weblog, my name is Kazuho Oku.

In August, I joined Cybozu Labs and started writing OSS libraries for web applications. Now that they are becoming ready for release, I decided to start my weblog in English*1, since it seems the best way to release softwares and get feedback.

*1: I already have two weblogs in Japanese, that are already becoming a bit hard for me to continue. They are Kazuho@Cybozu Labs (my weblog at office) and Kazuho Oku's Blog (personal one).