May 29, 2008

Presentation Slides of Japanize, Mylingual, Pathtraq

This afternoon, famous bloggers of the United States came to our office as part of their trip to Japan (Lunarr founder invites famous US-bloggers to Japan | Asiajin).

Can anybody miss such a good chance to demonstrate your web services to people like, Tom Foremski (Sillicon Valley Watcher), Marshall Kirkpatrick (Read/Write Web), Kristen Nicole (Mashable), Bob Walsh (47 Hats). Well, certainly I couldn't, and did a short presentation of mine.

The services I introduced are:

  • Japanize - an end-user-based localization service (to Japanese) for web services
  • Mylingual - internationalized version of Japanize
  • Pathtraq - a realtime search engine, content recommendation service based on an alexa-like technology

The slides I used can be found here, and here.

Since it was a jump-in presentation (thank you to all the attendees for letting me do so), the Japanize / Mylingual slides are bit outdated (there are about 40,000 users today). Also they might be too oriented to the technical details (since they were originally written for YAPC), but I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Thank you for coming to the bloggers, have a nice stay in Japan!

April 09, 2007

Japanize & Mylingual at YAPC

Last week at YAPC::Asia 2007 Tokyo, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on Japanize and Mylingual. Although my notebook computer hung up twice :-( during the presentation, it was a great time for me, not to mention the entire event. Kudos to the staff!

Below are the slides I used.

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BTW, I fixed the feed URLs linked from the per-language translation list pages, so that the tranlators can be notified of their updates. Sorry for your inconvenience.

April 02, 2007

Using Mixi, livedoor Reader in English

Below are the screenshots of Mixi and livedoor Reader, with their user interface translated to English using Mylingual. FYI, Mixi is a leading SNS provider in Japan, and livedoor Reader is a very nifty RSS aggregator built upon AJAX.

Although not perfectly translated for technical and non-technical reasons (not enough translation data have been submitted yet, Mylingual cannot translate images), you can see that the webapps become much more useful when localized to your mother language.  livedoor Reader

To start using Mylingual, visit

March 29, 2007

Mylingual - Launch Announcement

Today I have officially launched my new web service: Mylingual. From the website,

Mylingual is an automatic translation service for web-based application user interfaces. Known as Japanize, it is already used by more than 25,000 users to browse websites like YouTube or in Japanese. All you need is a User JavaScript installed onto your PC (firefox extension is now under development), and the Web UI will be automatically translated.

Web applications like YouTube,, and Google Reader are good examples for Mylingual. They are excellent web applications used from everywhere around the globe by people with mother languages of great variety to access contents of their languages, but do only provide the application interfaces in English. It is a handicap for more than half of the total population of the world, especially for people using minor languages. As the world becomes flat and flat, and computer applications become web-based, localization is important than ever before.

Mylingual is a community-based approach to overcome the problem, to localize the applications by the users ourselves. The translations are automatically shared by using a wiki-like system. Anyone can participate in, improve, and discuss about the translations.

I started the original project targeted for Japanese users in August 2006. Known as Japanize, it has gained more than 25,000 users within five months. I hope people with other mother languages can share the same benefit from using Mylingual. Please have a try.