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Music publishing platform 001

I envision the platform enable individuals and groups to publish musics simply on the web. Although we might say that there have been a lot of ways to do it, actually I think that the circumstance for personal publishing of music has not been so rich, compared with text and image which weblog systems and online photo management and sharing system have been facilitated. I have friends who have many sounds and songs. I'll attempt to build the platform they can use with facility.

I have two challenges.
1. How to build smart and cool system for online management and publishing of sounds.
2. How to design the structure for listening, it's comfortable and expansive on the web.

 ラボでの個人プロジェクトとして,個人やグループがWeb上で音を配信するためのプラットフォームを作ってみたいと考えている. 何を今更,Podcastingやそれに準ずる方法・手段が既に溢れているではないかと言われても仕方がないが,Weblogシステム,写真共有サイト等が普及することで扱いが容易になったテキスト・画像に比べ,音のパブリッシュ環境というのは案外貧しい状況なのではないか.



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