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Online Music Environment Kit - MUSOO 0.2

本日,Online Music Environment Kit - MUSOO 0.2をリリースしました.MUSOOは,オンラインで音楽を管理・配信し,音楽を通じてコミュニケーションするための,オープンソースのアプリケーションソフトウェアです.まだ基本機能が整ったばかりの段階ですが,一歩一歩構想を実現していきたいと思っております.


  • 作品(mp3とimage)は全てオンラインで管理.
  • 感覚の趣くままに,"聴きながら"音楽,画像,歌詞を構成・配信.
  • ユーザが聴きながら構成したとおりに音楽を配信. ブラウザが心地よいラジオに.
  • MUSOOの音楽配信データはRSS2.0拡張として提供され,Podcastingと互換.

プロジェクトサイト http://musoo.31tools.com/


Online Music Environment Kit - MUSOO 0.2 has been released.MUSOO is a open source online music environment kit for playing, listening, distribution and collaboration. MUSOO is designed for just enjoying music on the Web.

Features are ...

  • Manage your numerous fine works ( mp3 and images files ) on the Web.
  • Masu-up and compose your musics, pictures and lyrics as your feeling dectates.
  • Visitors will listen to your musics just as you compose. The music player provides visitors with the listening environment like fine radio with visual effects.
  • MUSOO generates your composing information as RSS2.0 document that is backward compatible with Podcasting.
  • Podcast clients are available like iTunes that allow visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed and automatically download your playing to their portable audio devices.

Project site http://musoo.31tools.com/

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