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Hash ≠ MAC

 ハッシュ関数を MAC (メッセージ認証コード; いわゆる秘密鍵による署名) として使用していけません、という件について。
 HMAC の論文を見たところ、様々な攻撃手法について述べてありました。ちなみに、今回のケースは、 Extension Attack です。引用すると、

Consider the "prepend-only" construction: MACk(x) = F(k, x) (i.e., the key k is prepended to the data x and the hash function - with the fixed IV - computed on the concatenated information). Because of the iterative structure of F it is easy to see that if one knows the value of MACk(x) where x contains an integral number of blocks, then one can compute the value of MACk on any extension y of x (i.e., any string y that contains x as a prefix) by just using the result of MACk(x) as an intermediate value of the chaining variable in the computation of MACk(y). This attacks needs no knowledge of or direct attack on the key k.
(Keying Hash Functions for Message Authentication, p.16)

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